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What is this?

February 10, 2008

You may or may not remember previous iterations of clevelandada. I have created and destroyed them like sandcastles on a beach in the dog days of July. The blog was devoted mostly to the development and advocacy of urbanism, culture and art in Cleveland. The problem was, I didn’t have the time to catalog everything with the veracity and thoroughness that I had hoped I could. Blogging is hard work, and it seems to me a blog can only be successful when you let readers clearly know the rules: What you will be discussing; how often you will be posting, etc. Unfortunately, I set a blistering pace of multiple posts a day and I couldn’t sustain it. So, I stopped.

I have decided to try again because I think blogs are incredibly important in creating conversations and in sharing ideas. This time, the topics of discussion will be a little more broad, touching upon Cleveland, of course, as well as art, culture and technology. I’d also like to touch upon public relations and marketing because that’s what I do for a job, and I have plenty of opinions on that. I’ll also be posting less frequently: Once a week, I hope. This will enable me to touch on topics I think are most interesting, as well as free up time for me to do other stuff. I’ll write about that here, too!

So, thanks for checking this blog out again! Please consider subscribing. It’ll be easier for you to follow when new content is updated. Also, please comment! It’ll help me know who is reading and what they are interested in as we develop this conversation.