Making Hope

January 15, 2009

Do you remember this video? Debuted a couple months before the election, this was the first time that I thought Barack Obama had a very good chance of winning the election. The campaign had an astounding grasp of imagery and presentation, using words, art and music to stir emotions–most often focusing on “hope,” a cornerstone of Obama’s message.

But now that we have entered the dark days of a recession/depression, I wonder what happened to that hope? What happened to the energy that pulsed through real and digital communities, pushing people to hit the streets and canvas their neighborhoods? We need that positive excitement now more than ever, and I don’t mean just volunteering to help folks who need it but just during our everyday lives–at work, at the store, at a basketball game, on a walk.

While economists and politicians focus on fine-tuning financial bailouts and beefing up economic stimulus, the one area no one is talking about is attitude. I believe that advertising and PR should be an integral part of our recovery. With the inauguration of a new president, we should be embrace a new “brand,” and what better message is there right now than “hope?”


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