The future of news

January 12, 2009

Where do you think the news business is going? Newspapers are in danger of closing all over the country. TV stations are cutting their staffs. The media play as important a role as ever in the our world’s ongoing discussions about the events shaping our existence.

But what does the future hold? This a question I have pondered with my friends from near the first day I started writing for a newspaper and I saw that a blood letting was ahead. Before long I’d enter the world of PR, but with my close ties to the media remaining professionally and personally through friendships, the future of news has always been top of mind.

I’ve seen some interesting ideas recently, including creating an iTunes for newspapers. Jack Shafer at Slate analyzes the idea, as first proposed by David Carr at the NY Times. Another fascinating idea comes from Detroit where the News and Free Press have announced they will soon stop home delivery of their print newspapers and will focus online. Some have called this “madness.”

But in a world where advertising is shrinking and changing, what is a publisher or editor to do?


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